1992 – the beginning

In 1992, the companyZakład Usług Projektowych i Inwestycyjnych INWESTPROJEKT, founded byRafał Sosiński, based in Częstochowa, was established. Initially, the company’s activities included carrying out projects in the field of building structures and architecture, as well as conducting construction and investor supervision. The company’s activities also included the creation of software for calculations of building structures and investment cost estimation.

1997 – Network Computing program

In response to the need to analyze a large industrial network, a program for calculating flows and short circuits in electrical networks is created. The originator and first creator of the program isdr inż. Edward Siwy – then an employee of the Institute of Power Engineering and Control Systems of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Silesian University of Technology. As a result of cooperation withDr. Eng. Rafał Sosiński (also an employee of IEiSU of the Silesian University of Technology) and his company ZUPiI INWESTPROJEKT in 1997, computing software was introduced to the market under the name “Network Computing” (currentlyOeS >). In 2004, the author’s team was joined bydr inż. Krzysztof Maździewski(IEiSU of the Silesian University of Technology). The first large software implementation takes place at PKN ORLEN S.A.

1999 – Zwisy program

In 1999, a program was created to calculate sags and stresses in overhead lines. The authors of the program wereprof. Ph.D. engineer Kurt Żmuda(IEiSU of the Silesian University of Technology) anddr inż. Edward Gray. The program was successively developed and improved with new computational capabilities and became the basis of thePS-Sagprogram.

2001 – program for selecting lightning wires

In 2001, a program for selecting lightning conductors in overhead high-voltage lines was developed and introduced to the market, equipped with a database of lightning conductors. The authors of the program wereprof. Ph.D. engineer Kurt Żmuda(IEiSU of the Silesian University of Technology) anddr inż. Edward Siwyanddr inż. Rafał Sosiński. The program went through a development process and was present on the market until 2021 under the MeLiNet brand.

2003 – Calculator of Settings program

In 2003, as a result of cooperation with ZEG ENERGETYKA, a program was created for calculating settings and remote programming of CZAZ digital protections manufactured by ZEG-ENERGETYKA. The author of the program isdr inż. Rafał Sosiński. The program entered the market under the name “Kalkulator Nastaw” and could be integrated with the “Network Calculations” program or operate independently. The development of the program is stopped as a result of the ownership transformation of the ZEG-ENERGETYKA company.

2005 – StratEn program and entry into the market of analysis services

In 2005, ZUPiI INWESTPROJEKT enters the services market and performs network analyzes in the field of short-circuit flows and protections for the needs of large industrial plants and distribution companies. It is developed byDr. Eng. Edward Siwy‘s original method of MV network optimization calculations, based on artificial neural networks. Its effect is the selection of cutting points in the radial MV network in such a way as to minimize technical losses in the network. A several-year process of performing optimization calculations for all regions within GZE-Vattenfall Poland begins. In the same year, theStratEn program was created for the needs of the same distribution company to determine technical losses in power networks. The authors of the program areDr. engineer Szymon Ciura(IEiSU of the Silesian University of Technology) anddr inż. Rafał Sosiński.

2006 – the beginning of the IPC era

IPC Civil Partnership is established – Edward Siwy, Rafał Sosiński, Krzysztof Maździewski with its registered office in Gliwice. The entire ZUPiI INWESTPROJEKT company was transferred in the form of a contribution in kind to the newly established company. The company continued the orders started under ZUPiI INWESTPROJEKT and expanded its activities with new services. Initiated, among others: services in the field of reactive power management, overhead line mechanics and neutral point operation analysis. A series of analyzes of the power supply of the welding machines forGMMP Opel Polskabased on the extensive OeS program was also initiated. The company also entered the market of performingexpertise on the impact of connecting wind farmson the National Power System.

2008 – OeS in new technology

A new version of the Network Computing program is being created under the trade name OeS in a new technology that allows for a significant expansion of the editing capabilities of the user interface. The new technology also enables the distribution of the program in a network version. The new version of the program is also used to carry out network analyzes by our company in the field ofoptimization of cut-out points in the MV network andanalysis of the development of the MV network in the Katowice area.

2009 - Wind energy

The company enters the market for expert opinions on the impact of connecting wind farms on the National Power System. More than 30 such expert opinions were prepared for investors connecting their facilities with power ranging from 15 to 300 MW to the 110 kV and 220 kV grid. In this respect, the process of obtaining connection conditions and technical arrangements with the DSO and TSO was also carried out on behalf of the investor.

2010 - Electric arc

The company begins its activity in the field ofanalysis of the degree of electric arc shock hazardin accordance with theNFPA70E andIEEE1585standards. Analyzes and training in this area are performed for the needs of industrial plants in Poland and abroad. Thanks to the experience gained, the company is currently one of the main contractors of this type of expertise in Poland.

2015 - The beginning of the electronics era

The Production Plant in Częstochowa is opened, where electronic devices are designed and mass-produced in accordance with the customer’s requirements. An automatic SMD assembly line and design and laboratory facilities are launched. The manufactured devices are also exported, among others: to the Czech Republic, Ireland and Slovenia.

2016 - IPC in a new version

A new company is established under the nameIPC Sp. z o. o.which is based on the resources and experience of IPC S.C. and is its continuation also in the personnel area. Cooperation withAIUT,AB-Micro andFAST begins in building elements of theiZIPProduction Asset Management System for the needs of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.

2018 - EU projects

The period for submitting and implementing projects co-financed by theEuropean UnionunderNCBR begins. The company carries out research and development projects in the field of software development for engineering calculations in electrical networks, in particular design calculations for overhead lines and smart power grids. Moreover, the implementation of a project organized by the Silesian Center for Entrepreneurship in the area of energy-saving light sources is starting at the Production Plant in Częstochowa.

2020 - ZiKOS - new product

A new IT product ZikOS is entering the market, resulting from the implementation of an EU project co-financed by NCBR titled “ZikOS-LN – Integrated system for comprehensive analysis of the operating states of overhead power lines” and experience gained in the construction and distribution of PS-SAG and MeLiNet programs. This also ends the development of these tools.

2022 - IPC Digital - new area of activity

IPC Digital Sp. is established. z o. o., whose shareholder isIPC Sp. z o. o.The new company’s area of activity primarily includes the creation of “tailor-made” software, taking into account the latest technologies, broadly understood engineering at the interface with electronics, artificial intelligence and advanced computing technologies.