Industrial factories

Industrial plants – especially large ones with high power demand – have an extensive and complex internal power network. Engineering calculations are particularly important for making decisions during the current operation of the network and planning the development of the plant network. Increasingly, wind farms or photovoltaic farms are also connected to the network of industrial plants, and the plant can act as a local distribution system operator.

OeS software allows you to model and visualize the entire plant power network. The implemented functionalities enable effective navigation around the model and creation of various network configuration variants and various computational scenarios.

Flow and short-circuit calculations provide basic network data that is necessary in making decisions in everyday operation as well as in development planning. Special calculations in the form of harmonics support the assessment of power quality, calculations for engine start-up sequences allow for the assessment of the impact of transient states on the operation of the entire network and the response of protection devices.

OeS software also enables modeling of various types of protection, supports the selection process and allows for verification of sensitivity and selectivity as well as assessment of protection response times. Using OeS, it is also possible to perform shock hazard analyses, calculations of grounding installation parameters, and advanced analyzes on the admittance plane.

Our dedicated solutions and integration options with network asset management systems, GiS systems and SCADA systems are especially addressed to large industrial plants.

Performing advanced, multi-variant analyzes has never been easier!