Mining is a special group of industrial consumers of electricity. Additional requirements dictated by mining standards apply here. The mining plant network is usually extensive and generally divided into surface and underground parts, often with completely different operational specifics.

The OeS software has been adapted to perform calculations in mining networks. It takes into account the requirements dictated by the mining standards PN-G-42042, PN-G-42044 and PN-G-42060. The OeS software also has a positive opinion from the KOMAG Institute of Mining Technology.

The standard functionality of the OeS software allows for the freedom to define voltage levels and the freedom to model the way the neutral point works. Within one scheme, you can model the entire plant network, both surface and underground, and perform analyzes for the entire model.

Flow and short-circuit calculations provide basic network data that is necessary for decision-making in everyday operation, as well as for development planning. OeS software also enables modeling of various types of protection, supports the process of selecting their settings and allows for the assessment of their operation by verifying sensitivity and selectivity and assessing protection response times. Using OeS, it is also possible to perform shock hazard analyses, calculate the parameters of the grounding installation or perform advanced analyzes on the admittance plane.

Performing advanced, multi-variant analyzes has never been easier!