Distribution system operators

Due to the wide spectrum of tasks, distribution system operators have the need to perform various network calculations. Engineering calculations are performed for the purposes of traffic management, planning network development, preparation of connection expertise and configuring electrical protection devices system. OeS software fits perfectly into each of the above-mentioned areas.

Flow and short-circuit calculations provide data that is necessary both in the process of managing existing infrastructure and planning its development. The harmonic analysis module supports power quality assessment. OeS software also enables modeling of various types of protection, supports the process of selecting their settings and allows for verification of sensitivity and selectivity as well as assessment of protection response times. Using OeS, it is also possible to perform shock hazard analyses, calculations of grounding installation parameters, and advanced analyzes on the admittance plane.

It is also worth emphasizing the possibility of using the GRAFIK module to model recipients using the operator’s tariff or measurement data. This module also allows for modeling of generation sources using the ENTSO database (climate years), taking into account weather forecasts or based on data obtained from measurements. For a model defined in this way, calculations are performed iteratively on a time horizon specified by the user and at a given time interval. Statistical parameters are also automatically determined for graphical runs.

The offer we address to Distribution System Operators is of a special nature, including: due to the number of solutions dedicated to DSOs implemented in the OeS software, providing the possibility of integration with the DSO’s internal IT environment, e.g. with the network asset management system or the central measurement database system. After implementing such integration, thanks to the developed algorithms and the use of industry standards (e.g. CIM), the diagrams (digital models) necessary for calculations can be automatically generated and equipped with data from measurements. The time necessary to perform network analyzes and simulations is then significantly reduced.

Performing advanced, multi-variant analyzes has never been easier!

Our customers

TAURON Dystrybucja S.A.

TAURON Dystrybucja S.A. company is one of our key customers and users of OeS software. Cooperation in the field of software began in 2008, when Górnośląski Zakład Elektroenergetyczny was managed by Vattenfall AB. Today, 26 OeS software licenses in the latest version are used in all company branches for the purpose of developing connection expertise in the Network Planning and Development Departments. Currently, a project is being implemented to integrate OeS software with the Network Property Management System and the Central Measurement Database to provide users with access to the necessary data and speed up the analysis process. The cooperation of both companies does not end with software – IPC Sp. z o. o. was and is involved directly and as a subcontractor in many research and development works and expert opinions carried out for TAURON Dystrybucja S.A.