Renewable energy

Renewable energy sources are a very dynamically developing area of the power industry. In the case of prosumers, generation is characterized by high variability and is strongly dependent on the season, time of day and weather conditions. This generation variability can be compensated by the use of energy storage, which, however, further complicates the already complex network structure. Therefore, it is difficult to effectively design and operate an energy network without engineering tools supporting computational processes.

OeS software, even in its basic variants, allows modeling and performing calculations in networks with wind farms, photovoltaic farms and energy storage units. Flow calculations support the user in the selection of devices, allow determining the location and method of reactive power compensation, and support the selection of the optimal configuration of the internal network.

It is worth emphasizing the possibility of using the GRAFIK module enabling modeling of generation sources using the ENTSO database (climate years) as well as using weather information. For a model defined in this way, calculations are performed iteratively over a user-defined time horizon and a specified time interval.

A common issue considered in the area of renewable energy design is also the selection of a cable distributing power from a wind or photovoltaic farm. The OKAB module is a great support for the user here, allowing for modeling current paths and calculating their load capacity depending on the installation conditions. The module also allows you to create a longitudinal profile and solve issues such as the selection of return conductors, the selection of surge arresters, the optimization of crossbounding sections, etc.

Performing advanced, multi-variant analyzes has never been easier!

Our customers


ONDE S.A. is a leader in the renewable energy sources industry in Poland, a leading contractor of renewable energy infrastructure, in particular wind farms and photovoltaic farms in Poland. He has specialist knowledge and several years of experience in implementing projects for industry and energy. OeS software has been used in the Company since 2022 to perform flow and short-circuit calculations in order to properly and optimally select devices and reactive power compensation methods.