Network analysis

We cooperate with experts from various fields of electrical engineering and power engineering.

We specialize in performing unusual analyzes and expert opinions on the operation of the power grid. We use advanced analytical and computational tools – genetic algorithms, neural networks, specialized software.

We prepare specialist opinions, expertise and analyzes in the field of electrical networks and broadly understood power engineering.

We perform analyzes of HV, MV and LV networks in the following areas:

  • impact of connecting sources (including renewable energy sources) on the operation of the power system,
  • electric arc hazards in EE network elements of an industrial plant – in accordance with IEEE 1584 and NFPA 70E standards,
  • optimization of distribution network intersection points,
  • determining the dynamic load capacity of overhead lines,
  • simulation and selection of operating variants of the EE network (flow and short-circuit calculations),
  • operation of the star point of transformers,
  • the concept of EE network development,
  • economy with reactive power,
  • failure of EE network elements and power supply reliability,
  • optimization of power selection and arrangement of transformer units,
  • estimation of loads in the EE network,
  • energy prices and transmission fee costs for the nodal pricing model,
  • mechanical calculations of overhead lines,
  • high voltage insulation technology,
  • selection of protection settings,
  • other specialized network analyses.

EE network optimization

The analysis concerns the medium voltage distribution network. The service involves selecting the places where the MV radial network is cut off in such a way that energy losses are minimal. The analysis aims to reduce energy losses in the MV network without incurring larger investment outlays.

As a result of the analysis, no significant changes in the network structure are expected (installation of new connectors on a larger scale, construction of stations, etc.), but only a change in the condition of the existing connectors. The essence of optimization is to present a technical solution that is the best from the point of view of a specific criterion. The basic optimization criterion may be the costs of power and energy losses.

The set of required technical conditions (constraints occurring in the optimization task) includes:

  • not overloading network elements,
  • maintaining permissible voltage drops,
  • providing power to all consumers,
  • maintaining the radial structure of the network.

The main calculation tool used in the analysis is the “OeS” program.

The result of the analysis is a summary of changes in the location of existing MV connectors in the network in order to estimate technical losses in the analyzed network. This means measurable economic benefits.