Energy design offices

Each change in the power grid begins with the implementation of a project based on various types of engineering calculations and analyses. How will the planned investment affect the behavior of the entire network? Does the network environment allow the investment to be implemented? Which variant is optimal? How to choose network devices? How to organize reactive power compensation? These and many other questions can be answered by performing calculations using OeS software.

Flow and short-circuit calculations provide basic network data that is necessary in the process of designing/modernizing the power grid. Special calculations in the form of harmonics support the assessment of power quality, calculations for engine start sequences allow for the assessment of the impact of transient states on the operation of the entire network and the response of protection devices. OeS software also enables modeling of various types of protection, supports the process of selecting their settings and allows for verification of sensitivity and selectivity as well as assessment of protection response times. Using OeS, it is also possible to perform shock hazard analyses, calculations of grounding installation parameters, and advanced analyzes on the admittance plane.

A common issue considered in the area of design is the selection of the cable depending on the conditions of its installation. The OKAB module provides great support for the user here, allowing for modeling current paths and calculating their load capacity. The module also allows you to create a longitudinal profile and solve issues such as the selection of return conductors, the selection of surge arresters, and the optimization of crossbounding sections.

Performing advanced, multi-variant analyzes has never been easier!

Our customers

SPIE Energotest Sp. z o.o.

SPIE Energotest is a supplier of equipment and an engineering company with long-standing traditions that have always been associated with the Polish power industry. The activity in the field of designing broadly understood electrical and automation systems has been carried out since 2003, when a design team from Energoprojekt – Gliwice was incorporated into the company’s organizational structure. The history of our cooperation with SPIE Energotest dates back to the early 2000s. Originally, it was based on carrying out specialized analyzes and expertise in the power industry. Since 2013, SPIE Energotest has had its own OeS software licenses in the highest functional version, which it uses in the implementation of everyday design tasks. Employees can also count on our company’s technical and substantive support when conducting complex network analyses.