The ZikOS program is used for a comprehensive analysis of the operating states of overhead power lines. The ZikOS system enables analysis of cable mechanics, line electrical parameters and line impacts on the environment. The developed solutions enable advanced analysis of the current line condition, effective design of new and modernized lines, and effective assessment of environmental threats related to their operation.

Line profile

Plotting a longitudinal profile of a line, enabling quick determination of close-ups at a specific point in the span; generation of a 2D view of the analyzed span, with phase and lightning conductors of the lines and ground contours plotted. The generated profile meets the standards used in the line’s design documentation.

The PF module is intended for creating design documentation presenting the longitudinal profile of a line.

Module input:

  • Drawing board – drawing title, drawing subject, object, investor, date, scale
  • Span parameters:
    • span name,
    • height of the first column,
    • height of the second pole,
    • scale,
    • XY coordinates of the points,
    • point type (ground/crossed object),
    • catenoid parameters (a, b, c).

As a result of the module’s operation, drawings with given profiles and title blocks are generated, which can be downloaded in PNG (Portable Network Graphics) or PDF (Portable Document Format) format.