New editing and computing functionalities include:

  1. Arrowing has been added to switches, short-circuit reactors and harmonic filters for the presentation of flow calculation results.
  2. Arrowing has been added to the presentation of the results of calculations of minimum and maximum short-circuit current flows.
  3. The operation of the Newton-Raphson flow calculation module has been improved in terms of data validation and response to a divergent process in Newton-Raphson flow analysis.
  4. The range of presented parameters and calculation results has been expanded, and new data filtering possibilities have been added in the result tables.
  5. The presentation of impedance models of electrical components has been changed, making them easier to interpret.
  6. Prosumer elements were taken into account in the reaction mechanism to exceeding the generated reactive power in Newton-Raphson flow calculations.
  7. The results of branch voltage drop in the Newton-Raphson flow analysis have been added.

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